AP NewsMinute 7:48 a.m. CST - Undecided are targeted...Some Dems firm 'no' votes...Quartet's demands


      WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressional leaders are focusing on
rank-and-file Democrats still undecided about the health care bill.
President Barack Obama will himself be talking up the plan today,
when he speaks in Virginia. A health care vote in the House is
expected for Sunday.

      WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressman Bart Stupak says his group remains
committed to opposing the health care overhaul package. Stupak, the
leader of a dozen anti-abortion Democrats, tells ABC's "Good
Morning America" he wants to pass health care but "there's a
principle we do not want to cross."

      MOSCOW (AP) - The Mideast Quartet is calling on Israel and the
Palestinians to return to peace negotiations, with a goal of
reaching a final settlement that would create an independent
Palestinian state within 2 years. The Quartet, which includes the
U.S., is also criticizing Israel for adding Jewish housing in east

      HONG KONG (AP) - Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says
she regrets the Bush administration's failure to work closer with
Iraqis to rebuild the war-torn country. But Rice says she believes
history will eventually vindicate many of the Bush administration's
decisions. Rice spoke in Hong Kong.

      GENEVA (AP) - Scientists ought to get a big bang out of this.
Operators of the world's largest atom smasher say they've ramped up
the machine to three times the energy ever achieved. The operators
in Geneva are expected to start colliding beams in the next several
days to examine the tiniest particles and forces within the atom.