AP NewsMinute 7:45 a.m. CST - Obama to sign health bill...Mass grave found...Luger honored


 WASHINGTON (AP) - Members of Congress and regular folks with
health care struggles will join President Barack Obama at the White
House today when he signs the health care overhaul into law.
Afterward, an even larger celebration is planned at the Interior

      WASHINGTON (AP) - White House adviser David Axelrod predicts
Americans will embrace the health care overhaul once they "get
familiar with what is is and what it isn't." But Republican Party
Chairman Michael Steele likens the White House approach to offering
the public a lollipop before delivering a needle. Both spoke on the
network TV morning shows.

      BAGHDAD (AP) - Government teams working on an irrigation project
in southern Iraq have unearthed about 20 bodies in a mass grave.
Iraq's Human Rights Ministry says the grave dates back to Saddam
Hussein's suppression of a Shiite revolt in 1991. Hundreds of
thousands of Shiites are believed to have been killed in the
uprising that followed the first Gulf War.

      UNDATED (AP) - As the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic church
heats up in Europe, it may be cooling down in the United States. A
report from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops says the number
of abuse allegations in the U.S. dropped 36 percent last year. The
report also shows a striking decline in the amount of money paid
out in settlements.

      BAKURIANI, Georgia (AP) - The head of the Vancouver Olympics, an
Olympic gold medalist and other dignitaries are visiting the
hometown of the Georgian luger killed during a practice run at last
month's Winter Games. They're there for a ceremony marking 40 days
after the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili . Officials say a luge track will be
built in the mountain town in his honor.