AP NewsMinute 6:45 a.m. CST - Mortgage relief...McCain and Palin...Okinawa dispute


WASHINGTON (AP) - A mortgage plan expected to be announced today
by the administration could be just the ticket for some struggling
homeowners. Insiders say it would help some get new,
government-backed loans, and force mortgage companies to consider
slashing what other homeowners owe.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The second of two health care bills cleared
Congress last night, and now President Barack Obama says all the
cynics will have to "confront the reality of what this reform is,
and what it isn't." Republicans say they'll push for repeal, and
promise to campaign on the issue this fall. Obama says he welcomes

PHOENIX (AP) - Once again, John McCain is turning to Sarah Palin
to help him with an election. The 2008 GOP presidential ticket will
campaign together in Arizona today and tomorrow as McCain seeks a
fifth term in a tough race. He's being challenged from the right,
and Palin will help boost his conservative credentials.

BAGHDAD (AP) - It's already well into the afternoon in Iraq, but
the country's electoral commission insists it will release full
election results today on the parliamentary elections March 7. With
95 percent of the vote counted, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's
mainly Shiite bloc was in a virtual tie with an alliance that got
heavy Sunni support.

TOKYO (AP) - The dispute between the U.S. and Japan over moving
an American military base from Okinawa is coming to a head. Japan
says it will finalize its proposal by the end of the month, but
will offer only one proposal. Okinawans have long complained about
the heavy U.S. military presence on the island.