Ex-Obama aide: Don't expect NKorea to disarm


Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The former top White House official on counter-proliferation says diplomacy is unlikely to get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and that the best to hope for is a verifiable freeze in its production of fissile material.
Gary Samore, who resigned from his White House position in January, said Monday it's not practical to achieve nuclear disarmament unless there's a change of leadership in Pyongyang (pyuhng-yahng) or a fundamental change in the strategy of its ally China.
Samore told a forum on U.S.-Korean affairs that a more attainable goal is a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests that would delay the North's progress toward having a weapon that can hit the U.S.
North Korea has offered to negotiate after months of provocations and a February underground nuclear test.

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