Proving laughter is the best medicine


CHICAGO (NBC) - Battling cancer is certainly no laughing matter, but it sure doesn't hurt to have a good sense of humor.

Miles Austrevich, 19, will next month undergo a double stem cell transplant, and afterwards will spend at least three months recovering in total isolation.

Austrevich's dad, Len, is on a campaign to collect jokes to entertain his son while he recuperates.

"I've already taped his classmates, principal, doctors, comedians and other notables including Bill Murray, Jay Leno, Amy Poehler, Ernie Banks and Will Arnett," explained Len Austrevich, a former stand-up comedian.

Jokes have come from around the world, he said, from as far as Northern Ireland and South Africa.

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Jokes should be clean and ideally a minute or less to deliver.