UN mediator says talks will continue


Associated Press

GENEVA (AP) - A U.N. mediator says negotiations in Switzerland involving the two sides in Syria's civil war will continue.
The mediator cut short today's session, because of Syrian government anger over a U.S. decision to resume aid to the opposition.
But the mediator says no one was to blame for the impasse.
A deal to allow humanitarian aid into the besieged city of Homs is stalled. Syria's government delegation is demanding assurances that U.S. aid won't reach what it calls "armed and terrorist groups" there.
U.N. and Arab League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi (LAHK'-dar bra-HEE'-mee) says he's relieved that both the government and the opposition said they will remain in the daily talks through Friday, as planned. He said, "Nobody's walking out."
Today's talks marked the fifth day of negotiations regarding the civil war. But there's been little progress toward resolving a key issue of whether President Bashar Assad should step aside and transfer power to a transitional government.