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Ebola 101: What you need to know

The deadly Ebola virus is snatching headlines once again as the Democratic Republic of Congo faces its ninth outbreak since its discovery more than four decades ago.

Preventing hot car deaths

New research from Arizona State University shows a car does not need to be in the sun to become scorchingly hot.

Memorial Day Weekend by the numbers

Memorial Day is about honoring the those who died fighting for our great country. It is also considered the unofficial start of Summer. The folks at WalletHub broke down Memorial Day by the numbers.

Planting 10,000 flags for Memorial Day

More than 50 volunteers filled the lawn outside of University of Phoenix Tuesday, planting 10,000 flags to remember service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Legend of Loch Ness Monster will be tested with DNA samples

The legend of "Nessie" may have no place left to hide. A New Zealand scientist is leading an international team to the lake next month, where they will take samples of the murky waters and conduct DNA tests to determine what species live there.