Conway: questioning Paul's actions, not his faith


Web Editor - Michael Vick

PADUCAH - You've probably seen the ad by now that's grabbing national attention.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway is in hot water with both parties because of an advertisement claiming Republican Rand Paul was part of an organization that mocks Christianity.

Conway sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today Show Tuesday morning.

He said Paul hasn't denied the allegations.

"I think people that have criticisms need to take a look at the whole situation," Conway said.  "Rand Paul has been asked repeatedly whether or not this occurred and he's never denied it.  And the facts are clear that he joined a group that mocks people of faith."

Conway also said during the interview that he's not questioning Rand Paul's faith but rather his actions.

What do you think?  Did Conway's ad go too far or is he raising legitimate issues?  Share your thoughts below.

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