Illinois governor wants to ban assault rifles


Elizabeth Fields

CHICAGO (AP/WPSD) — Gov. Pat Quinn said he thinks the timing for a proposed assault weapons ban is right.

The Chicago Democrat used his amendatory veto power Tuesday to call for changes in a bill related to in-state ammunition sales.

His proposal prohibits the manufacture, delivery, sale and possession of semi-automatic assault weapons and attachments. That specifically includes the AK-47 and AR-15.

Quinn told reporters the recent shooting at a Colorado movie theater and the 2008 shootings at Northern Illinois University that left five students dead are two reasons behind his plan.

However, such a bill will face big hurdles. For one, it may not even come up for a vote if lawmakers decide to shelve it.

Other gun control measures have previously failed.

State Representative Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) told Local 6 he's working to gain votes against the proposal. He said the Governor's move is illegal, unconstitutional and just a political move.

"It seems like all the Illinois Governor is trying to do these days is cater politically toward the city of Chicago and at the same time, turn his back and slap southern Illinois pretty much across the face," he said.

Phelps added that more than 2,500 hundred gun manufacturing jobs could be lost in the state if the ban is passed.

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