Mayor hopes voters bet on casino


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Ryan Brooker

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - We've already got a casino along the Ohio River in Metropolis, Illinois. That one opened in 1993 and helped give a major jolt to the local economy.

Now another local city hopes to do the same thing.

Cape Girardeau voters approved a measure for gambling back in 1993 but nothing was ever done.

Seventeen years later, people in Cape will head back to the polls to vote on the latest plans for a $125 million downtown facility.

Tuesday night, Cape Girardeau's mayor held an open forum with other mayors from cities with casinos who shared the good gambling has brought to their towns.
There was a positive feel in the room. All the panelists support gaming in their communities.

In fact, some of the words used to describe their casinos community impact were "awesome," "asset" and "life-saver."

For more on the Cape casino meeting and the prospects for gambling in the area, watch the video.  And for the earlier report, see the related content link on this page.

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