Thousands head to polls Tuesday in controversial alcohol vote


Reporter - Todd Faulkner
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. — Thousands of voters will head to the polls in Marshall County on Tuesday to case a vote on whether to legalize the sale of alcohol.

Leaders of both groups said they're ready for the big day and the Marshall County Clerk is expecting a record turnout.

Kathy Wood with the group Marshall 1st said it's time the county reap the economic benefits of alcohol sales.

"This is a very historic moment for Marshall County," Wood said. "We're feeling very confident at this point that with what people are saying in the community that 'Yes' will prevail."

Keith Travis with Say Now No is just as confident people will vote down the measure on moral grounds.

"This is social issue impacting every person in Marshall County," Travis said. "We've taken this last week to kind of really make a focus and highlight some key areas we really think need to be communicated here at the end of the campaign session."

The Marshall County Clerk told Local 6 the office mailed out 103 absentee ballots and, as of Friday, had received 430 ballots. The clerk said there are 24,000 registered voters and he expects a record turnout similar to that of a presidential election.

One issue, two sides and a community ready to vote on an issue that's divided so many.

"Right now, our focus is on everyone being civil. We're encouraging both sides, please refrain from saying anything negative to any of our community," Wood said.

Travis added, "We were friends and neighbors before this issue came up. We disagree on the nature of the issue but we're not disagreeable individuals."

People head to the polls in Marshall County on Tuesday, July 17.

To view the Marshall 1st website, click here. To view the Say No Now website, click here.

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