Teacher arrested after alleged paddling incident


Web Editor - Ethan Fife

 HENRY COUNTY, TN - A substitute teacher is facing assault charges following a deal he made with students.

The Henry County Tennessee Sheriff's Department arrested 29-year-old Kristopher Sanders on Friday.  This happened after investigators say students asked to do something other than school work.

Damon Lowe with the Henry County Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Unit says Sanders was substituting in the school's agricultural shop class.  He told students if they made a wooden paddle and took one hit apiece, they wouldn't have to do class work for the rest of the period.   

Three students agreed and cell phone video was later captured of the students being paddled.  Even if the students did agree to the act, striking students in this way violates school policy.  Investigator Lowe says the Sheriff's Office considers this extreme physical contact, and that Sanders didn't act in a disciplinary manner. 

Sanders now faces three counts of assault.  He has bonded out of jail and will appear in court on January 12th.