Another workforce braces for unemployment


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Michael Bradford

UNION CITY, Tenn. - 260 employees know they'll be out of a job by this time next year.

What they don't know is where to go after the Union City, Tennessee 'Innovative Hearth Plant' closes.

Things may look exactly the same on the outside, but looks can be deceiving.

"I can tell everybody's down. they're losing their job," Daniel Williams said.

Williams is a subcontractor, working for the 'Press Doctors.'

"We're millwrights, we go in and work on their machinery, we repair and rebuild," Williams explained.

Now Williams will re-write his resume along with more than 260 others facing unemployment by spring or summer of next year.

"I think it was apparently a surprise to everybody," Don Duggar at The Tennessee Career Center, said.

Duggar is bracing for it.

"We were maybe seeing a bounce back from the Goodyear closure, a little bounce back, but this is probably going to push us back a little bit further," Duggar said.

He can help the unemployed get scholarships or find new jobs, but that won't be easy. The sub contractors at Titan Tire are only hiring a handful of people.

"We need some employers to come to town," Duggar said.

A harsh reality is slowly sinking into the heads and hearts of yet another Union City workforce.

The employment management company in charge of employment at Titan Tire says 385 people inside the plant.

If you'd like to apply, contact 'Center Point Business Solutions' in Union City.