Clean up continues after flood damage


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Tyler Rearden

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. - Cleanup continues in Henry County, Tennessee where parts of the area saw more than six inches of rain over the weekend.

East Antioch Road, Caledonia Road, Morris Road, Chandler Road, Dogwood Thicket Road, Freeland Road, Madylie Lynn Drive and Ratteree Cemetery are all closed due to damage. Holly Fork and Gate Three Roads are still flooded.

Water also damaged homes in low lying areas. People who live near Town Creek say the rain spilled over its banks and into their homes. Monday looked a lot like moving day at Jackson Creek Estates Mobile Home Park. There are trailers holding items that can be saved while piles of things that are ruined mount up on top of damaged and water logged floors.

Thomas Tharpe Jr. Said, "I never thought this would happen here." He and his neighbors are trying to salvage what they can. "Gotta start over. Start from nothing, you know,"  he said.

Tharpe said his landlord is providing another place for them to stay until everything gets straightened out in a show of support for the community. While emotions were understandably running high, Tharpe said gratitude is at the top of his list. "At the same time, we have our lives and we got up out of there," he said.

Henry County Emergency Management Director Ronald Watkins says the county is looking at a $50,000 to $75,000 bill for damage in public areas.