Martin plant to expand, bring 225 jobs


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus

MARTIN, Tenn. - The MTD plant is announcing plans for a $21.3 million expansion at their current facility.

A spokesperson says the expansion will bring a total of 225 new jobs, with 145 beginning this fall. Jobs include stamping, welding, and assembly.

Kristee Mahler said of the company's decision to continue to invest in Martin, "We have found the workforce to be a wonderful workforce. They're very engaging, high quality workers. We really appreciate that. This is an opportunity for us to bring more work to the area and reward those employees for the work they're doing."

Martin's mayor, Randy Brundige says he is grateful for the expansion.

"This is the answer to my prayer," he admitted Monday of his city's current unemployment numbers.

He estimates about 375 lost their jobs when Goodyear closed down in a neighboring town. He says things were about to go from bad to worse for those employees.

"A lot of their benefits are ending, so this would be good news to some of them if they could get on at the facility," he continued.

Barri Jo Glover, who lost her job at Goodyear said of working at MTD, "We're gonna try our best."

July will mark two years since she was laid off and she admits she is eager to punch that time clock, "It's gonna feel good that first time. I'm ready."

The plant is not yet accepting applications. They will begin the application process this fall. An average salary has not been announced.