Men's health checkup


Reporter - Johnette Worak
Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 PADUCAH, Ky - Men oftentimes do not get the health checkups they may need because the tests are considered uncomfortable or embarrassing. It may be up to the women in their lives to encourage testing.

Paducah Police Office, Josh Bryant, was diagnosed with testicular cancer 2 years ago.

"By the time we found mine and diagnosed it, it had already metastasized to my lymph nodes and my lungs."

Josh had been having pain in his groin for months, but had put off going to the doctor. His wife, Heather was the one who finally insisted he make the trip.

Josh feels lucky to have his two children. His son was born shortly after his cancer diagnosis.

Wife Heather says men should check for lumps on a daily basis, "this isn't something they should be ashamed about or worried about."

Doctors say as much as 50 percent of all colon cancer could be prevented by a colonoscopy at age 50.

A waist measurement over 40 is a risk factor for a heart attack.

Those who have a history of prostate cancer in their family are at higher risk for prostate cancer.

WPSD Local 6's Johnette Worak has struck on a mission to encourage the men of Local 6 to be more aware of their own men's health.