Six Things to Know: Monday, January 20th


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 These are the six things you need to know about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior today: Monday, January 20th.

  1. Martin Luther King Junior was born Michael King Junior, and his father says it was a mistake. Doctor King legally became "Martin Luther" when he turned six.
  2. King was a child prodigy. He skipped ninth and twelfth grade and got into college at age 15. Adding to his Accolades, King was the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He received the award at age 35 in 1964 and donated the prize to a civil rights cause.
  3. A gifted singer, King sang with his church choir at the gala premiere of "Gone with the Wind" in Atlanta.
  4. King was a Big Trekkie. As an avid fan of Star Trek, he even convinced one of the actors to stay on the show past its first season.
  5. If you think Main Street is one of the most common street names, think again. There are more than 900 streets named after King spanning over 40 states.