Troubling ranking for some of our states for house fire deaths


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Tyler Rearden

PADUCAH - So far this year in Kentucky, 28 people have died in house fires, 10 of them were children.

Because of that, the state's fire marshal is hosting a roundtable discussion on how to prevent more tragedy.  Paducah Fire Chief Steve Kyle knows death can be an unfortunate result in house fires.
     but he says everyone can learn from them.

"Have a fire drill for your home.  That is the number one thing we try to preach," Kyle said.

It's the message Kentucky Fire Marshal William Swope echoes.  "The more people we get involved, the better off we are going to be," he said.

Swope is holding a roundtable discussion April 16th.  Swope said the state is targeting the elderly and the young.  Of the 10 child fire deaths this year in the commonwealth, all were under the age of seven.

And what's more, Swope said two thirds of the state's house fires did not have working smoke detectors.  "Become more aware of your surroundings, and understand that we are our brother's and our sister's keepers and we have to look our for each other," Swope said.

For as little as $10, Chief Kyle said smoke detectors are worth the investment.  "That's pretty cheap insurance to go to bed at night and be able to sleep," Kyle said.

The roundtable will take place April 16, 2013 at 1pm in Frankfort, KY.