What the Tech: Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch


Reporter - Jamey Tucker
Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 This is the smart watch Dick Tracy could only dream of. It's the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. AT&T loaned Local6's Jamey Tucker the new smartwatch, and t's maybe the most intriguing gadget in quite a while.

First of all, to use the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch you'll need Samsung's new Galaxy Note 3 tablet phone. The watch is an extension of the phone. The two sync over Bluetooth. 

It's a bit larger than regular wristwatches, but isn't noticeably huge for someone with large hands, and actually looks pretty fancy.

On the watch there are apps. One to record voice memos, one to take pictures, a pedometer and of course you can see the time, and the weather forecast.

It will sync all of your contacts. you can make calls by tapping on a name, or by speaking, you can also send text messages.

There's a small selection of other apps like the Evernote app. You can save photos or notes and sync them across all of your devices. There's a Snapchat app, and Runkeeper. and new apps will come soon. 

On the watch band is a camera that takes still photos and video. The reason it's there, is so people can take 'spy-like' pictures. Friends will never know you're taking pictures of them.

To get the video off the watch, the Galaxy Gear transfers the video to the phone with just a tap over Bluetooth, and the video quality is surprisingly good

As far as battery life goes, the watch lasted a day and a half on a full charge.

The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch gets a 10 on the cool factor scale, but again for it to work you have to have the phone, and it's quite a phone.

The Note 3 is Samsung's latest "phablet" - larger than a regular phone, it's somewhere between the size of an Android phone and an iPad mini.

It comes with a smart stylus that allows you do to all kinds of things, such as jotting down a phone number and quickly adding it to your list of contacts. The note is very functional but may be too large for anyone with small hands.

Right now the Galaxy smartwatch only works with the Note 3. But Samsung is updating firmware so it will work with Galaxy S3's and 4s, any day now.