KY Highway Crews prepared for winter weather


Web Editor - Nick Miller

PADUCAH - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet highway crews are geared up and ready to roll as soon as freezing precipitation moves southward across the Ohio River into Kentucky.

The District 1 Snow and Ice Team will have at least one truck available to roll out to treat bridges and overpasses through the evening hours as required.  As the freezing precipitation moves across the river into Kentucky highway crews are prepared to ramp up activities very quickly to respond to a full assault by Mother Nature.

All area highway crews have snow plows mounted and salt spreaders loaded and ready to roll.

Highway officials say there is residual heat in the pavement from warm weather the last few days that will initially help melt the frozen precipitation as it falls.  Today, pavement temperatures were hovering around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, sometime around 9 to 10 p.m., tonight, they expect colder temperatures to sap that heat.  When that temperature shift occurs, there is a potential for roadways to become hazardous fairly quickly.

Their best advice is to avoid unnecessary travel overnight.  Crews will be making a big push during the hours between Midnight and daylight to spread as much salt as needed to keep roadways cleared, but ice creates a unique set of challenges for both highway crews and the driving public.

Motorists are asked to carefully monitor area news media outlets and the National Weather Service for regular updates as the winter weather event moves through.