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Milner & Orr Funeral Homes Provide Meaningful and Personal Services

Around Western Kentucky, many families can trace their roots back over a century or more. Well, that's how long we've been serving the community with caring service, personal attention, and a heritage that has continued for seven generations.

We started as a small general store in the town of Lowes, Kentucky. The family business was an important part of the daily lives of the families around Western Kentucky. In the late 1800's, caskets were made and sold at the general store.

But aside from the importance of family heritage and service, what set us apart? Why should you choose us to help at the most difficult time?

New Innovations in Funeral Service
We combine the traditions of the past with innovations of the future to make sure your family is served in the best way possible. We offer an online register book and interactive cyber candle lighting service as well as Tribute Videos. Our firm is also an exclusive dealer of Thumbie’s Fingerprint Keepsakes where your loved ones print is cast into jewelry and other beautiful mementos to cherish.

Live Webcasting of Funeral Services
Milner & Orr Funeral Home is the very first funeral home in McCracken County to offer Memorial Streams Webcasting Services. Beginning in Feb. 2010 families will have the opportunity to have their loved ones service broadcast live on the Web to their friends and family members all over the country and world. A copy of the service will also be kept on DVD for the family and available on the Web for 30 days. Many times family and friends are unable to attend the service due to illness, work, travel and even weather issues. Webcasting services are only available for viewing by those friends the family chooses through an email passcode.

Our People
While innovations and superior facilities are important… we believe our caring people really make the difference when selecting a funeral home to honor the memory of your loved one.
We're family folks, involved in the community. We've all experienced losses and this helps us understand how hard it can be to deal with the death of a loved one.

Many families today want a more meaningful and personal service for their loved one.

Our ideas are intended to help provide a true reflection of the life that was lived.

Because some people prefer pre-recorded music selections, we have compiled a full library from which you can choose.

Tribute Videos
Milner and Orr Funeral Homes is proud to be one of the first funeral homes in Kentucky to offer Memorial Videos as part of our service.

Memorial Board Display
Nothing reflects the life of a loved one more than a memory board covered with family photographs.

Memory Table
A beautiful wood table is a wonderful backdrop for plaques, trophies, quilts, flowers, artwork and other mementos.

At Milner and Orr, we understand the importance of preparing for tomorrow. After helping families for generations, we know that one of the most important plans people can make is funeral pre-arrangement.

The reason is simple. You love your family and want to spare them the necessity of making complicated arrangements at the most difficult time of their lives.

You can now Record funeral information from your home computer by clicking here. Or, you may Request information or make an appointment to meet with a pre-need counselor.
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