Murray State will play Vanderbilt in the West Region on Thursday in San Jose. Game time is set for 1:30pm CDT. Local 6 will have complete coverage of the Racers and Commodores throughout the day and night on-air and online.

Murray St.

Murray, Ky., 30-4.
Nickname: Racers. Coach: Billy Kennedy.
Conference: Ohio Valley. Bid: OVC champion.
Region: West. Seed: No. 13.
Tournament Record: 1-13, 13 years. Last appearance: 2006.
Scoring: Team (77.5); Ivan Aska 10.6; B.J. Jenkins 10.5; Danero Thomas 10.4; Tony Easley 10.4.
Rebounds: Team (36.5); Tony Easley 5.8; Ivan Aska 4.9; Jeffery McClain 4.2; Danero Thomas 4.2.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.6/14.6); Isacc Miles 3.8/2.1; B.J. Jenkins 3.2/1.6; Danero Thomas 2.5/1.5.
3-pointers: Team (.368); B.J. Jenkins 63; Isaiah Cannan 48; Isacc Miles 42; Danero Thomas 37.
Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: The Racers are the first school from the Ohio Valley Conference to win 30 games, setting a school record by beating Morehead State in the league tournament. Jenkins has provided a steady influence in the backcourt after transferring from Liberty.


Nashville, Tenn., 24-8.
Nickname: Commodores. Coach: Kevin Stallings.
Conference: Southeastern. Bid: At large.
Region: West. Seed: No. 4.
Tournament Record: 9-11, 11 years. Last appearance: 2008.
Scoring: Team (77.2); Jermaine Beal 14.7; A.J. Ogilvy 13.4; Jeffery Taylor 13.4; John Jenkins 10.9.
Rebounds: Team (36.4); A.J. Ogilvy 6.2; Andre Walker 5.5; Jeffery Taylor 5.2.
Assists/Turnovers: Team (13.2/13.7); Brad Tinsley 3.2/1.9; Jermaine Beal 2.9/1.5; Andre Walker 2.4/1.7.
3-pointers: Team (.369); Jermaine Beal 70; John Jenkins 70; Brad Tinsley 31.
Last Ten: 7-3.

The Skinny: Beal's nickname is "Dolla," as in, "Dolla Beal." Maybe he ought to major in finance, because he's been handing out a lot of dimes, too. Beal set a school record for assists by a sophomore two years ago and is still the guy that makes the offense move.