Blaylock's chatter drives Saluki softball team


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CARBONDALE, IL-- There are a lot of ways to describe SIU softball coach Kerri Blaylock during a game.

"Sometimes she has word vomit when she gets excited," said junior infielder Jayna Spivey. "So that's a good and bad thing i guess."

"I kind of mumble all over myself," Blaylock admitted. "I think my brain is thinking one thing, and my mouth can't catch up to it."

Every player has their own Coach Blaylock impersonation of different things she says.

"She always says come on big kid," said junior infielder Kelsea Ashton. "And I'm like, what are you trying to say Kerri? Am I fat, or what? But I know she just means I have a big bat."

"And I use buddy, and I don't know why," Blaylock confessed. "Everybody's buddy. I might say it to my mom, yeah bud, if she says something, or to a friend. But everybody's buddy."

And of course, Blaylock has had moments where she even surprised herself.

"I have actually said great pitch to an opposing pitcher, when i wanted to say good hit to the hitter. So the kids in the dugout looked at me like, what in the world are you talking about?"

But the players wouldn't change her charisma for anything.

"Her always cheering for us let's us know that she's here for you no matter what, and wants us to play harder," said junior infielder Taylor Orsburn.

"It's definitely a good thing to be around somebody that's positive pretty much a hundred percent of the time," Ashton said. "And it's a long season, so it helps keeps us positive."

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