Caldwell County receivers having huge impact in 2013


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PRINCETON, KY -- If you look at the group of receivers that Caldwell County has this year, Eli Pepper towers above his teammates.

"When I am in the end zone, it is easier for me to be above everyone else," said Caldwell County receiver Eli Pepper.

At 6'8", he creates a huge mismatch for defenses and provides a great target for Tigers quarterback Elijah Sindelar.

"It can be an advantage," Pepper said. "It can also be a disadvantage if their in a man defense and they get up under me a lot easier."

Pepper is just one of several receivers that have made an impact this season. In fact, through their first four games, five receivers have over 100 yards receiving.

"This year we are more spread out," Caldwell County receiver Dee Cain said. "It gives everyone a chance to touch the ball."

"Having four receivers on the field at the same time makes it harder on defenses," said Caldwell County receiver Jordan Young. "Having this kind of offense on the field makes it fun for all of us."

Everyone knows that Sindelar is one of the best quarterbacks in the state, but does he make his receivers look good, or do they make him look good.

"Sometimes they make him look good," Caldwell County head coach David Barnes said. "It really is a two way street though."

"I can throw to spots where only the receiver can catch it," Elijah Sindelar said. "Even if it is off just a bit, they somehow end up making the catch. I have a lot of trust in them."

"We help him out and he helps us out," Pepper said. "There are those times that it might not be a perfect throw, but it's our job to go get it."

And the Tigers hope that will lead to bigger plays, and more wins.