Henry County finds success with Counce family


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PARIS, TN -- For Henry County's James Counce, a small secret to success is surrounding yourself with a great coaching staff. Most notably for him is his son James Counce Jr.

"We treasure every moment we are out there together," said Counce Sr. "We don't always see eye to eye on things, but that is a part of coaching."

"There are a lot of people that wish they could be in this situation," James Counce Jr. said. "We are blessed to do this, and to be so successful."

In the four years since returning to Henry County, the Counce's have helped the Patriots go 47-5 and on the verge of winning a second state championship.

"I always knew we could be a great program," said Counce Jr. "We believe we are the biggest ticket in West Tennessee."

If you watch both coaches during a practice, you will see a lot of similarities.

"Besides age there is not much difference," said Henry County senior Justin Ramos. "Both are really loud."

But they do have their differences.

"Old man likes to yell a lot," said senior Brandon Donaldson. "Coach junior is a hype man."

"I tell them that I would give anything to be out there again," said Counce Jr. "So all of the hype isn't fake, its just the way I feel."

"He is like I used to be about 30 years ago," Counce Sr. said while laughing. "I don't quite have that much energy anymore."

Even though he may not have much energy after 42 years of coaching, Counce Sr. isn't ready to hang up his whistle any time soon.

"As much fun as I am having now, why not keep going," he said.

And at the pace they are going, expect a lot more wins and maybe a few more championships along the way.

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