Local man tackles Spartan Death Race


WPSD Sports

MURRAY, KY -- Ryan Walker has always loved testing his physical limits, but what he is currently training for will test both his body and mind.

Walker, an insurance salesman from Murray, was searching the internet for new events that would test his abilities. He eventually stumbled upon something that only a handful of people would even try.

"Splitting wood, carrying heavy objects up a mountain, sand bags, rocks, logs, PVC pipes full of gravel," Walker said as he listed the events he may have to complete.

Throw in swimming and biking and you have what is called a Spartan Death Race. It probably doesn't sound like fun to most people, but then most people are not Ryan Walker.

"In the race I'm not going to do things I enjoy," Walker said. "So I'm getting the mindset of being miserable and getting through that."

The race, which begins at the end of June, takes place over the course of several days in Vermont. In all over 100 miles will be traveled in that short amount of time.

"Last years winner finished in 60 or so hours," Walker said. "Only about 10 to 15 percent will complete the event."

Walker has worked out twice a day for nearly a year now. He runs the steps at Stewart Stadium with a 50 pound vest, rides bikes, swims, and goes through workouts with CrossFit of Murray. Despite all of the training he still pushes himself to the point of being physically ill.

"I'm not naive enough to think that as hard as I work out I'm not going to get tired," Walker said. "I know I'm going to get tired. I'm competing against the person inside of me that tells me to quit."

He has adopted the moto of this years Death Race, "Every man dies, but not every man lives."

"To me the race is about living," Walker said. "God has blessed me with a healthy body and strong mind. Its my duty to not let that waste and try to push."