Marshall County High School starts mountain biking team


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For years, Marshall County kids have saddled up to ride mountain bikes -- but only as a part of a club.  That was until Justice Beal mentioned starting a team to his science teacher Brian Ramsey.
"He was like, really?" Beal said. "And the next day, he said I've got such and such people lined up, this is going to happen. So it just took off right from the start."
The Marshals will start riding competitively this fall in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. It's not sanctioned in Kentucky yet, so they'll have to travel to Tennessee.
"They have a league down there, and they have about four races in the fall," sophomore Carson Beckett said. "And we'll be taking whoever wants to go and try the race experience and atmosphere down there."
So far, the Marshals have a core group of about 12 riders. But they're always looking for more.
"You don't have to be a star athlete to do this," Beal said. "In a bunch of other sports, it's all about talent. But in this one, if you can hustle, you can ride a bike."
Coach Brian Ramsey says it's great to be the first high school team in the state that offers the chance to ride competitively. Now, he expects other schools follow suit.
"We're hoping people see us and get interested in what we're doing," Ramsey said. "They'll try to join in, and if enough schools do then Kentucky will back it."
As far as the Marshals go, Ramsey says the future is bright.
"It's not a bunch of seniors that want to have fun on their last year," Ramsey said. "We're starting the tradition here. In five or six years, I really feel like it's going to swell into something that we can be proud of. "
The season for Marshall County starts with a race in September, followed by two in October and more in November.
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