McCracken County preserves past, while looking towards future


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PADUCAH, KY-- Just five weeks remain until the kick-off of high school football season, and leaders at McCracken County High School are ready to unveil their new, state-of-the-art facilities.

The football field is turf instead of grass, which assistant activities director Josh Amyx says will save on upkeep costs. Another feature of the new facility is the video board, which students themselves will run.

"We'll be able to do some neat things with that, and highlight some of our players for college coaches and things like that," Amyx said. "But it will really contribute to the fan experience."

Although Heath, Reidland, and Lone Oak have consolidated, their old facilities will still be put to good use, by each of their middle school programs.

"We've got a great tradition athletically here at McCracken County schools," Amyx admitted. "And we want to honor those traditions, and we're excited that our middle school programs are able to use those existing facilities. The history is not going to be lost there, they're going to be able to continue that legacy."

But those facilities may have another use. Amyx says there's a possibility those fields could also host large scale little league and club tournaments.

"It would bring in people to our community that would stay in our hotels, and eat in our restaurants, and kind of assist in revitalizing that tourism industry. So that's our hope long term, is that we can use those facilities for some different events and tournaments, and things like that."

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