Murray State weighs postseason options


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Head coach Steve Prohm says the team is putting together a resume for the NIT selection committee. But Prohm said the commisioner of that tournament said it didn't look like the Racers would get in. Their next option is the CBI tournament. 

Prohm is trying to get more information on the CBI now, as well as getting a feel from his players to see if they even want to play in that tournament. But at this point, Prohm says it's not a bad option.

"I think that's the direction we'd go in," Prohm said. "It's a sixteen team tournament with the finals being a best out of three series. We'd play on the road for sure, because it's spring break the week of the first game. So I know our first game would be on the road for sure, and then we would look at the option of possibly hosting a second or third round game if we were able to do that."

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After Murray State's overtime loss to Belmont on Saturday, many Racers fans are saying what now? It's a foregone conclusion that Murray won't be in the NCAA tournament, so what are the chances of playing this postseason?