Murray State's Burge wrapping up walk-on career


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At any given Murray State practice, you can expect to see guys banging around, and coach Steve Prohm directing traffic. You can also count on hearing encouragement from four-year senior Jordan Burge.
"You could say I have a different role than anybody on the team," Burge said. "Coach expects certain things out of me that he wouldn't out of others."
"He's the one on the baseline hyping everybody up, and on the bench, he keeps the bench into the game.," junior guard Dexter Fields said.
"You need that energy, and you need that type of character at the end of your bench pulling those guys through," Prohm said.
While he's brought that energy every year and accomplished a lot with his teammates, there's still one thing he hasn't done.
"We've been trying to get him to score, but if he doesn't he'll be the only senior in the nation to never score a basket, and have four rings," senior guard Isaiah Canaan said.
"They joke with me about that all the time," Burge added. "The points don't really matter as long as we win championships."
Prohm says it's his goal to get Burge his first basket in their final two home games. If it happens, the roof may blow off of the CFSB Center.
"I'm sure it will,"  Canaan said. "Everybody's been waiting for him to, and i know the bench will erupt if he scores, so we're just anxiously waiting, seeing when that time will come."
"See, for me personally, I'm just happy to win the game," Burge noted. "But for all my friends and family, they bug me all the time about scoring. I'm not worried about it, but I know what it would mean to them."
And that kind of unselfish character is exactly why everybody's rooting for him.
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