Princeton celebrates Emma Talley's win


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PRINCETON, KY -- If you took one look inside of Princeton Country Club on Tuesday night, you would see the entire town celebrating Emma Talley's win in the USGA Woman's Amateur Championship.

"For everyone to show up like this is a dream," Talley said. "It just goes along with how great this community really is."

For those who came, they couldn't help but think about how far she has come.

"I've watched her grow up from a little girl winning tournaments," Matt Prowell said. "It's one of the greatest accomplishments the community has seen."

"She has been such a wonderful influence on people in Caldwell County," Brenda Calkins said. "She is beautiful on the inside just as she is on the golf course."

While Talley was on the course, almost everyone in town was keeping up with her every move.

"My daughter had her cell phone and iPad out," Angie Prowell said. "I had mine out as well. We were hitting refresh every minute so we could find out what was going on and what the next hole would bring."

"I have young children and it would come on and they would want to rewind it just to see it again," Jayme Harralson said. "They thought it was really cool to see someone from here on national TV."

And Talley was grateful for it all.

"I've lost more than I have won," she said. "They still support me and that makes winning that much better."

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