Prohm's wife animated during Murray State games


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MURRAY, KY-- When the Murray State band cranks up, and the Racers hit the floor, the excitement level grows amongst fans. But few retain the excitement level throughout the whole game like Coach Steve Prohm's wife, Katie.

"Every time I look back there, she's pretty much on her feet screaming," said senior guard Dexter Fields. "I think that's just the love she has for the game, and the support she has for the Racers."

If you watch her closely, you can always tell if the Racers are doing well, or if they're in a slump. Coach Prohm says he's never really noticed his wife's behavior during a game, but he definitely does when he's watching game film.

"We may pause it, rewind and look at her," Prohm said with a grin. "But people tell me she is intense and into the games, but that's good. I'd rather it be like that than just sitting there watching."

Prohm says Katie's passion for the game actually started long before they even met. She played basketball at Calloway County, and has always been a Murray State basketball fan.

"She loves basketball, so she may not be screaming as intense if she wasn't married to me, but she'd still be passionate about the game."

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