Murray State closer to naming starting quarterback


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MURRAY, KY -- Murray State head coach Chris Hatcher watched as his team went through their final scrimmage of fall camp, with his biggest focus on finding a starting quarterback.

"What it boils down to is who is the most consistent on a day in, day out basis," Hatcher said.

So far two quarterbacks have stood out. The first being Maikhail Miller, a transfer from Ole Miss.

"His athletic ability is through the roof," Murray State offensive coordinator Mitch Stewart said. "He is a big kid that can run and has a huge arm. He can do anything you want him to."

The other is junior quarterback Parks Frazier.

"He knows the offense in and out," Stewart said. "He can get out of bad situations and put himself in better ones. That is where he is competing."

No matter who they name as the starter, the Racer's can change the playbook based on the starters skills.

"If we feel like a guy is limited in his knowledge, we may shrink the play list," Stewart said. "On the other hand, if a guy knows the playbook we may allow him to call the plays himself at the line of scrimmage."

"Those two are the most consistent," Hatcher said. "But when you have to name a starter, both guys will have to be ready to go. It could flip flop throughout the early part of the season."

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