Murray State in Paducah for "Meet the Racers"


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PADUCAH, KY -- Anytime the Murray State Racers can interact with their fans, its a good thing. But head coach Steve Prohm uses those opportunities as learning tools.

"This is a great time to spontaneously get the guys used to public speaking," Prohm said. "We want to get relationships with the fans, because young kids look up to these guys."

"I don't like talking and standing in front of people, but this kind of stuff has helped," said Murray State senior guard Dexter Fields.

It's also a chance for the newest Racers to get their names out there.

"They want to get to know us and bond with us," Murray State junior guard TJ Sapp said. "It is great for us as well, because we want to meet them too."

As for the fans getting to meet the players themselves, it's the youngest of fans that get the most out of it."

"I love meeting my favorite players," said Sydney Davenport. "I can't wait for the games."

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