Ryan Walker completes Spartan Death Race


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MURRAY, KY. -- Ryan Walker trained for nearly a year to compete in the Spartan Death Race. The race itself is considered by many to be the greatest physical and mental test out there today.

Last week, Walker competed and after three days completed the race, finishing in 31st place. Out of the more that 200 participants, only 41 completed the event.

"It was one of the toughest things that I have ever had to do," Walker said. " I kept telling myself to not think about how tough it was going to be. Focus on the moment ahead and keep going."

Walker began the Death Race on Friday morning in the mountains of Vermont. In that time he hiked mountains, carried 25 pound rocks, dug trenches, and swam three miles. And finally, on Monday morning the race was over after he successfully won a card game.

"I told myself it was a dumb mans race," Walker said. "My wife tells me that is why I did so good."