Salukis have daunting road test at #2 Wichita State


WPSD Reporters

CARBONDALE, IL-- With his headset on, and the Saluki faithful watching closely, SIU Basketball Coach Barry Hinson started his weekly radio broadcast by talking about his team's current four game win streak, which has fans very optimistic.

"Things are just really looking right now," said long-time Saluki fan Philip Kowalis. "There's as much positive momentum with the team as there's been in the last four or five years."

Coach Hinson says he loves the optimism of the fans right now, but adds that it should be cautious optimism because the Salukis finish with four of their last six games on the road. That includes a daunting task at undefeated Wichita State on Tuesday.

"This is Daniel going into the lion's den," said Hinson jokingly. "Every time I've been at Wichita State it's sold out, with all the short jokes you've ever wanted to hear in your life. But you know, that's what college basketball is all about."

So how does Hinson plan on beating the number two team in the country? Well, his plan is actually pretty simple.

"You've got to defend and rebound," said Hinson. "You have to defend and rebound, and you got to pray for a miracle."

In school history, Southern Illinois has beaten top ten teams twice before. The first time was against #5 Wichita State in 1965, and then against #2 Louisville in 1967.

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