Season schedule drastically reduced at Paducah International Raceway


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PADUCAH, KY-- The hustle and bustle of workers at Paducah International Raceway means one thing, it's race night. Which is something that the track has only been able to host a few times this summer.

"We've had some issues with the economy," admitted track co-owner Bob Sargent. "So we decided to run special events only."

Sargent says the decision to race a partial schedule wasn't an easy one, but it's something other tracks around the countries have done as well, to cope with low attendance numbers. When it comes down to it, PIR was simply losing money.

"We saw the problems," Sargent said. "We weren't just going to keep going when we knew there were problems. Any business can't succeed without turning a profit."

While running only special events has helped the bottom line, it makes preparing the track a little more difficult, when it's only being used once a month.

"There's a lot more work to do to it," said PIR employee Mike Koebel. "The track sets, and the rain washes gullies in it."

But Sargent says the shortened schedule is only for this season. They plan to stick to the motto on their signs, and have races every Friday night in 2014.

"We are just the no quit type," Sargent said with a smile on his face. "We're going to go take another run at it, and try to make it work."

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