Skyhawks have fun with summer workouts


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MARTIN, TN -- At his farm in Martin, Tennessee, UT Martin Head Coach Kevin McMillan has his players doing a mixture of military style workouts and summer camp activities.

"We decided to combine all of it," McMillan said. "We wanted to culminate the summer with something fun and it became what it is."

From pulling tractors and racing canoes, each task has its own benefit that can translate to the court. The team carrying telephone poles across the property helps with communication.

"It shows we have to communicate and not only that but listen to each other," senior guard Heather Butler said. "That goes on the court really well."

McMillan also had the team do trust falls, in which one player falls and is caught by the rest of the team.

"You have to trust your teammates, which is a part of basketball," McMillan said.

"For us to have only known each other for five weeks and get up there and fall is a big deal," senior guard Jasmine Newsome said. "It will only help us as we get closer to the season."

Even though some of it may seem like hard work, most of it is just a lot of fun. While canoeing several of the Skyhawk seniors decided to flip their boats.

"My boat was in the water the whole time," senior Megan White said. "We had to bring the boat to shore five times. I'm soaking wet and it was my fault. So I think it was a lot of fun."

Others didn't see it as much fun.

"It was funny but if they came close to me I would've hit them with my paddle," Newsome said.

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