Soldier heals with help from best friend


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PADUCAH, KY. -- Specialist Raymond Revoir and Tyler Helton met just nine months ago, and in that time, they have become inseparable. It's that friendship was evident at this weeks Wounded Warrior Fishing Tournament

"He basically has crashed at my house a lot," Revoir said. "If he is not at his house then he is at mine. So we are always hanging out."

A US Army Specialist, Revoir was injured in a vehicle rollover while on his fourth tour of duty in Iraq. The effects of the incident have left him suffering occasional seizures and needing a chaperon for any physical activity that he does. This is where Tyler comes in.

"For him to except me being there even though I am not in the military means a lot," Helton said. "I honestly care about the fact that he wants me to be there for him."

Tyler himself is no stranger to seizures.

"Since I was in the 6th grade, my mom has had seizures," Helton said. "So I know what it was like. It's good to know I can be there and help him out and make sure he is ok."

So when it came time to find someone to help him with the Wounded Warrior Fishing Tournament, Revoir knew exactly who he had to choose.

"Having someone you know with you, it makes it more fun to participate," Revoir said. "The last time I went fishing, I went with someone I didn't get along with. Having Tyler with me has helped break the ice."

"We get to be ourselves," Helton said. "We have a good time, joke around and have fun. Its good for him to have fun once in a while."