Year two an easier transition for Salukis under Hinson


WPSD Sports

CARBONDALE,  IL-- The Saluki basketball team was all laughter and smiles before Tuesday's practice, something you didn't see a lot of last season. Players say that shows the program is headed in the right direction.

"Team chemistry is a lot better than last year," admitted sophomore guard Anthony Beane. "Everybody hangs out together now, and you can really tell on the floor how we're looking out for each other."

Second year head coach Barry Hinson says the biggest change about this year so far, is that the off-the-court issues are gone.

"I'm not dealing with the police, I'm not dealing with lawyers, I'm not dealing with academics," Hinson said. "In all honesty, we've actually got to coach basketball, and last year we didn't get to do that."

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