St. Mary hosts first ever varsity volleyball game


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PADUCAH, KY -- For the first time ever, volleyball nets stood in the gym at St. Mary High School. They were ready for the Lady Vikings first varsity volleyball home game Tuesday night. In that game they defeated Fulton County 3-2 in 5 sets.

"It has been a process," head coach Andrew Snyder said. "We are excited that it is finally here, and we can get this going to really build the program."

Not only was it the first home game, but Snyder was coaching his first ever volleyball game as a head coach.

"When they approached me about volleyball, I was apprehensive," Snyder said. "But once it got going, I have never been happier."

Then throw in the fact that the there is only three high school students on the Lady Vikings team. The rest is made up of 14 middle school students.

"We defiantly have to be the responsible ones," junior Emily Tashjian said. "We have to be there to keep them in check when they get rowdy and stuff."

The reason why they were not able to play home games last year, was because the school didn't have the correct volleyball equipment. Last week, that equipment arrived at the school and the team held their first practice at the school on Monday night.

"We felt like a real sport," senior Michaela Jones said. "Everyone else gets to practice at home, so it felt really good to practice here."

"Volleyball isn't a tradition like basketball is here," Snyder said. "The first couple of years are important to draw girls into the program so we can build that tradition."

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