Talley returns home, still soaking up U.S. Women's Amateur win


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PRINCETON, KY-- With a smile on her face, and a keepsake from her U.S. Women's Amateur Championship in hand, Emma Talley returned home on Monday to find her house decorated by hometown fans.

"This is just a great community," Talley said with a smile, as she looked at the signs on her front door.

But the outpouring of support didn't stop there. Talley's mother Jennifer, says that she had Emma's phone in her backpack, and it started buzzing uncontrollably after Emma won.

"One of my friends that turned pro said, you just did something that's going to change your life," Talley said. "I didn't really realize what she was talking about until I got my phone out, and I had over 150 texts."

Talley has since spent the last 24 hours responding to as many people as she can. And although winning the U.S. Women's Amateur has changed Talley's life, her mom says it hasn't changed her daughter a bit.

"She won't change at all," Jennifer Talley said with a smile. "She'll be the same old little country girl she is, and I think that's what people expect."

The one thing Talley did change recently was her approach on the course. Her goal at the U.S. Women's Amateur was go always play with a smile on her face. Emma's father, who also acted as her caddy, helped her out by singing Taylor Swift songs among others to keep Emma calm.

"I don't know if there are any other caddy-daughter times out there like we had this week," Emma said laughing. "It's a memory that me and my dad will have forever, and we'll share forever."

Talley will head back to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for her sophomore year on Friday.

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