The mysterious powers of Ed Daniel's hair


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Under the bright lights of the CFSB Center, the Murray State Racers have gotten plenty of attention this year.  When you're ranked 15th in the country and unbeaten, that's going to happen.

But long before the national rankings, something else was was gathering more attention by the day.

Ed Daniel's hair.

The junior forward has busted out a variety of styles this year, which left a simple question for his teammates: What do you think about Ed's hair?

Most of them sighed and laughed, not sure what to make of the many different styles he brings to games.  Racer coach Steve Prohm says if Daniel's hair is the biggest thing he has to worry about with him, things are going OK.

Daniel's hair has become so popular, there is actually a Twitter account and Facebook page dedicated to not only his collection of hair-styles, but also how well he plays while wearing the different hair-styles.

According to Daniel, there is a method to his madness.  He says he likes to go with the full-afro look at home because the Racer fans love it, but will go with the braids on the road because he likes to be neat.

No matter how he's wearing his hair this year, it has produced results on the floor.  Daniel is averaging career-highs this season in minutes, points and rebounds.

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