White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb hosts clinic in Paducah


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PADUCAH, KY-- We are squarely in the off-season for Major League Baseball.  That means Paducah native, and Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Daniel Webb is back home enjoying his time off. On Sunday, he took some of that time to teach some baseball pointers to local kids.

Sunday's clinic was hosted at River City Baseball and Softball Academy in Paducah. Webb said he wanted to pass along some things he has learned over the last couple of years, on his way to the big leagues. He now has four full seasons of minor league and major league experience under his belt, since being drafted in 2009. And he said there's one thing he's never forgotten.

"It's baseball and it's fun, you know I'm playing a game for a living, and nothing can beat that," Webb admitted. "It's something you can't take for granted, I know there's a lot of kids out there who would love to do what I do someday that may not ever get the chance, so I always try to stay fun with it, and have a good time."

Webb is going to start working out with a local high school baseball team next month, before he has to report to spring training in February.

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