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Once again this year, we'll look at where Murray State's votes are coming from in the Associated Press poll.

You guys seemed to enjoy this last year, so I thought we'd fire it up again this season.  Who exactly is voting for Murray State in the Associated Press college basketball poll?  There are 65 voters in the poll.  For most of last season, all 65 had Murray State on their ballots.  This year, it hasn't started out that way.
The Racers are 26th in this week's poll, just missing being officially ranked.  49 of the 65 voters didn't have Murray State ranked. One voter had the most surprising of ballots.
Ron Morris of 'The State' newspaper in Columbia, SC ranked the Racers at #9 in the country.  That was by far the highest any voter placed the Racers. Surprising?  Yes.  What makes it especially surprising is that last year, Morris repeatedly put Murray State at #20 -- and never moved them.  Even when the Racers climbed into the top ten, Morris was consistently placing them lower than other voter.  This year, Morris suddenly thinks the Racers are a top ten team.  Time will tell.
Here's the breakdown of votes for this week:
9th: 1 voter -- Ron Morris, The State (Columbia, SC)
20th: 2 voters
21st: 2 voters
23rd: 3 voters
24th: 3 voters
25th: 5 voters
Unranked: 49 voters
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