1/12 Bidwell's Blog: Ready for a record-setting night?


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Just hours away from Murray State trying to get to 17-0, here are some quick hitters.

Just hours away from Murray State trying to get to 17-0 against Jacksonville State, here are some quick hitters: 

-Not that anyone asked my opinion, but I think it's absolutely the right call to continue to sit Ivan Aska with that broken hand.  The initial thought last week was that MAYBE they could have him ready to play this Saturday against Tennessee Tech.  And by 'ready', I mean they would have felt comfortable sending him out there with the hand heavily protected.  Right now, there is no need to take the risk.  It's a four-week injury.  He's apparently halfway through that window.  After tonight's game with Jacksonville State, the Racers host Tennessee Tech, go to Morehead, go to SIU-Edwardsville, then return home for EIU.  Aside from Tech -- and I still refuse to believe this team will lose a home game in conference this year -- that's a pretty soft stretch in their schedule.  If the Racers had lost at Austin Peay last week, I think there would be a little more pressure internally to get Aska back.  The team has adjusted well enough in his absence that it just feels right to bring him back when he is 100% ready to go.
-Now that we're into January, the 'bracketologists' of the world are weighing in, seemingly daily, with their NCAA Tournament bracket projections.  Murray State seems to get highlighted in every single one of them due to the possibility of them going unbeaten in the regular season.  Yesterday on the CBS College Sports Network, Yahoo's Pat Forde said he believed if the Racers enter the NCAA Tournament undefeated, they will deserve a top-4 seed. Seth Davis agreed saying the committee might feel some political pressure to seed them that highly if they are able to run the table.  But Davis quickly added he thought the point was moot because he believed the Racers would lose a game before the NCAA Tournament.  History is on his side.  UNLV was the last team to get to the tournament without a loss, and that was back in 1991.  Apparently the Racer Nation didn't take kindly to Davis' thoughts and let him hear about it.  Davis had an interesting rebuttal last night on Twitter.  He said if the Racers get to the NCAA Tournament without a loss, he'll come to Murray next year and sing the National Anthem before a game.  I don't know if that's a threat or a promise, but I'm sure it's something Racer fans will hold him to.
-It's amazing to think it was just two year ago that Murray State won 17 games in a row setting a new school record.  It's even more amazing to look back at that winning-streak as 'ho-hum' when you compare it to the attention this year's team is getting.  It's been an amazing run so far.
-There have only been two games in the history of the CFSB Center with more than 8,000 fans.  With a listed capacity of 8,600, the only official sellout came on February 11, 1999.  8,602 fans watched the Racers beat SEMO that night.  If the students show up at all, I think we'll have another 8,000+ night on Saturday.  I'm looking forward to it.  It's amazing how loud, and fun, the CFSB Center gets when it's full.  
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