12/18 Bidwell's Blog: Did you really see this coming?

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When this college basketball season started, I said I believed this Murray State team could end up winning as few as 15 or as many as 30 games and neither result would surprise me.  With a new coach and a team trying to find its new identity, I simply had no feel for how good they could be.

This team may end up winning 30 games.  Maybe, even more. Again, I won't be surprised by that.  But a 12-0 start?  Yep, I'm stunned.
Looking back, I shouldn't be.  The Racers have been the better team on the floor in every game they've played.  They haven't pulled one upset yet.  Yes, the last 90 seconds were crazy at Memphis, but if you watched the entire game it was obvious Murray State was the better team.
Before the season started, there's no way even the most avid Racer fan would have believed Murray State would go to Alaska and win the Shootout; go to UAB and overcome a 12-point deficit with 10 minutes to play; hammer a solid Dayton team at home; go to Memphis and handle a ranked Tiger team.  Sure, some of those could have happened -- but ALL of them?
When it comes to those magical seasons, if we've learned anything in recent years it is that magic just happens.  Two years ago, magic happened.  BJ Jenkins beats EKU in the final seconds; Isacc Miles beats Austin Peay at the buzzer; Danero Thomas stuns Vanderbilt.  All of those moments rolled together turned into a 31-win season that won't soon be forgotten.
With so many pieces coming back from that 2009-10 team, everybody expected last year to be a another magical season.  What we learned was you can't manufacture magic.  Last year was different.  Still successful, but different -- and certainly not magical.
No one expected magic this year.
After the first 12-0 start in 61 years, this magic show may have only just begun.
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