1/23 Bidwell's Blog: Murray State's AP voting breakdown


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Murray State moved up to #11 in this week's Associated Press college basketball poll.  In my gut, I think #8 is their ultimate ceiling -- and it will take a few more weeks of winning to even get them that high.  But again, thankfully, this isn't college football.  The polls are merely a snapshot of where teams are in any given week and not a means to decide who wins the national championship.

Without further adieu, here's this weeks breakdown of votes for Murray State from the 65 AP voters.

6th: 1 vote -- Mark Smith, Albuquerque (NM) Journal
7th: 2 votes

9th: 9 votes
10th: 10 votes
11th: 15 votes
12th: 5 votes
13th: 6 votes
14th: 5 votes
15th: 5 votes
16th: 3 votes
17th: 3 votes

20th: 1 vote -- Ron Morris, The State (Columbia, SC)

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