1/28 Bidwell's Blog: Scouting Murray State's next five games


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As Murray State has marched through their season unbeaten, we've taken time to look ahead at their upcoming schedule -- but not too far ahead.  With that in mind, here's a peak at what they're up against in their next five games.  I'll list the teams with their current RPI rating and their record vs. Division 1 teams.

1/28 vs. Eastern Illinois (#283, 7-9 Overall)
2/2 vs. SE Missouri State (#265, 8-9 Overall)
2/4 at UT Martin (#309, 1-18 Overall)
2/9 vs. Tennessee State (#223, 9-10 Overall)
2/11 vs. Austin Peay (#178, 7-13 Overall)

For the record, Murray State is currently #31 in the RPI.  Despite winning all of their games, their computer numbers will continue to suffer as the year goes on because of the relative weakness in the OVC.  Looking at those next five games, I just don't believe there is much trouble lurking.  Yes, Austin Peay is a rivalry game.  Yes, SEMO is playing as well as they have in years.  Yes, Tennessee State is an athletic team that often gives the Racers problems.  But I'll continue to say what I've said all year: This team will not lose an OVC game at home this season.  Especially when you throw in that most, if not all, of these games at home are sold out.  I just believe in my gut 25-0 is in the cards.  After that, things get a whole lot tougher.  But, as always, we're not allowed to look too far ahead yet.

The BracketBuster matchups will be announced on Monday.  This one really is pretty simple to me.  There seems to be four "elite" teams in the BracketBuster field.  Murray State, Creighton, Wichita State and St. Mary's.  Since Creighton and Wichita are both in the Missouri Valley, and Murray State and Creighton are both slotted for home games, the matchups seem to make themselves.  I'll be stunned if the Racers aren't hosting Wichita State on February 18th.  The Shockers could very well be ranked by the time they (allegedly) come to Murray.  They're a handful.  We'll have more on them after the announcement on Monday.

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