3/17 Miller Time: Happy St. Patrick's Day From San Jose

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First off, my apologies for making this my first blog since arriving in San Jose on Monday evening. It has been a whirlwind since we arrived. As I said in my last posting, this is the hardest we work all year, even though it might not seem like it with all the stories coming from the beach!

We really got to work on Tuesday by shooting a 30 minute NCAA Tournament Special on the beach in Santa Cruz. The special will air Wednesday night at 6:30 on digital channel 6.2, our RetroTV channel. It can also be seen right here at wpsdlocal6.com.

It was a lot of work putting together this show, we were up until 5am editing it here in California, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

It was also a lot of fun shooting it on site here in California. Santa Cruz was a cool, little beach town. It is also home to UC-Santa Cruz. The beloved Banana Slugs (no I am not making that up.) I can't imagine how you go to school there. How would you ever graduate with the beach right in town. Glad all we had was the mighty Hocking River to distract us at Ohio University.

After finishing up our beach shoot, we headed back into San Jose and met up with the Racers as they arrived at their team hotel Tuesday night. They are actually staying right across the street from us at the Marriott. Team seemed pretty focused and ready to work, but also ready to enjoy this experience as they should. Good to see Picasso Simmons back with the team. This has to be a hard week for that young man. He lost him mom in a car wreck on Monday, but after much deliberation felt he needed to be with his extended family, his basketball family. The team, I'm sure, will be playing this game for Picasso and his late mother. We hope to speak with Simmons for the first time today to get his reaction and his teammates reaction.

We'll bring that and all the other sights and sounds from media day here in San Jose starting tonight on Local 6 at 5pm and continuing at 6pm and 10pm. And remember, you will find a lot of bonus coverage right here on wpsdlocal6.com

Until then.....

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